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   Résumé (same in pdf version)

   Profile in Chicago Women in Publishing newsletter, Clips

   Interview follow-up to presentation on “Internet Research Tactics, or How to Win at Virtual Hide-and-Seek” (March 2008)

   Profile from AudioTransitions audiobook production website



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Adaptations – Books – Corporate & Nonprofit Communications (reports, correspondence, training) – Ghostwriting & Rewriting – Journals/Magazines – Manuals – Marketing & Promotion (concepting, brochures, sales letters, email blasts, product naming, book jackets, Web copy) – Newsletters – Proposals – Reference – Reviews & Assessments – Scholarly Writing – Scriptwriting – Websites

Content Areas:

Arts & Humanities – Biography – Business – Communication – Creativity – Education (especially ancillary materials ) – Entertainment – Entrepreneurship – Fiction & Poetry (as editor) – Food & Cooking – General Reference (subjects A to Z) – Internet & Library Research – Literature – Popular Culture – Popular Sciences – Publishing – Teaching & Training – Technology (end-user focus) – Theatre – Workplace Issues






Technical Training






Adaptation & Revision



Journal Articles





Writing & Editing

Business Writing & Editing

   Informational Booklet – Concise description of the audiobook production process, with marketing and distribution insights, for new and prospective audio publishers

   e-Mail Blast – Makeover of trade-group event announcement, to add energy and increase attendance

Website Writing & Development

   Website – Freelance editor’s site structured and written as a gently persuasive promotional tool

   Web Features – Thematic websites, edited, fact checked, and copy supervised for Encyclopædia Britannica

   Online Showroom – Web venue designed, written, and built to display samples artist’s hand-painted wearable art

Educational Writing & Editing

   Survey Article – Excerpt from updated, internationalized, and expanded “Storytelling” article for Compton’s Encyclopedia, extending from ancient oral traditions to contemporary business trends

   Study Guide Activity – Reworking of producer’s original idea to clarify the activity, tailor to age group, add suggestive detail, create a narrative feel, offer options, personalize

Promotional Copy

   Book Jacket – Redo of audiobook cover blurb, punched up to heighten appeal and mood of adventure

   Promotional Brochure – Mock-up of long-form promotional piece designed to present organizational consultant for speaking opportunities

Technical Training

   Software Tutorial – Introduction & Chapter 1 of a tutorial and reference guide created to teach extensively customized editorial software to editorial publishing division with a wide range of experience and receptivity


   Audio Program – Script about popular “power beads” phenomenon, created as trade-show takeaway

   Edutainment Sketch – Comic pastiche on English-language quirks, scripted for school-touring performance troupe

Adaptation & Comprehensive Revision

   Condensed Rewrite – Condensed adaptation, rather than excision, of some passages helped preserve flow and complex story line of heavily abridged audiobook

   Essay Rewrite – Revision for English-language publication of short article by Indian subject expert whose second or third language is English

Journal Articles

   Feature Article – Second in a two-part series on managing editor-writer relationships, commissioned by Copy Editor (now Copyediting), the authoritative resource for book and periodical copyediting

   Invited Article – State-of-the-industry report on the 2003 Audio Publishers Association Conference, commissioned by AudioFile magazine


   Workshop Outline – Framework for multi-session workshop on successful and efficient on-the-job use of the Internet for research

Project Development

   My First Britannica – Award-winning set, one of a bipartite children’s reference product developed and directed by Judith West

   Executive Summary – Précis of audiobook series proposal, created by Judith West. Company and product names masked for proprietary reasons.


   Enjoy a range of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction Audio Clips, produced by Judith West
















































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